Welcome to Starting Email Marketing! Your 1-stop shop for learning how to get started with email marketing. Email is the most efficient direct mail marketing channels and very important for both small and enterprise-level entities. Getting started is quick and easy. Here’s what you need to know:


Checklist To Getting Started With Email Marketing

Picking Out An Email Marketing Platform – Choosing an email marketing platform is very important. You want to make sure you pick the right one, as switching from one platform to another is very time-consuming. You’ll have to learn how to use the new program, rebuild all your campaigns, swap out all the opt-in forms and reimport your lists.

Collecting Email Addresses – List building is the next major step. You’ll need the recipients to market too. This is done through opt-in forms, customer data, manually collected emails and other tactics. There’s also some laws (CANSPAM) that you’ll need to be aware of.

Building Campaigns – Once you’ve got the email marketing platform and your mailing list, it’s time to build campaigns. There’s tons of options here, ranging from opt-in drip campaigns to reoccuring newsletters.

Testing and Improving Email Campaigns – Email marketing campaigns should constantly be tested and improved. You’ve got tons of tools for this, too. Including split testing tools, onsite analytics and conversion rules and more.


Why Your Business Needs To Be Doing Email Marketing

Emails Are Easy To Collect – There’s a good chance you’ve already got a list of email addresses of your current customers. That means you’ve already got the data necessary to get started with email marketing. It is also very simple to add signup forms to your website, social media and other web properties.

Email Marketing Is Easy – Email marketing has never been easier. Most email marketing platforms come with a visual editor. That makes it incredibly simple to build out your own campaigns. Save templates to make putting together newsletters a breeze.

Email Marketing Is Affordable – Email marketing is insanely affordable. Some plans start for under $10 per month. Most platforms offer marketers a free trial period, and some platforms even offer forever free plans, although they usually don’t contain all the features and are only for lists under a certain size.

Email Marketing Is Effective – Email marketing is an insanely effective marketing channel. This is especially true when marketers setup highly relevant drip campaigns with tons of personalized content.

Email Marketing Fits Into Cross-Channel – If you’re going for the cross-channel approach to marketing, email is essential. Not everyone checks their mail daily, always has reception or wifi, but just about everyone has an email address.


Compare Email Marketing Platforms

When you’re ready to get started with email marketing, check out our directory page. The directory lists the different email marketing platform, as well as valuable information that allows you to compare the different solutions side-by-side. Compare starting price and features of all the email marketing platforms. The directory also contains links to in-depth information on all the various email marketing solutions.

Compare Email Marketing Solutions


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