ActiveCampaign: Cart Abandonment Campaigns

ActiveCampaign: Cart Abandonment Campaigns

ActiveCampaign webinar on shopping cart abandonment campaigns by Rick Birenbaum, Customer Success Manager at ActiveCampaign. The webinar goes over cart abandonment campaigns. Cart abandonment campaigns are very important for ecommerce companies. Here are the best practices for cart abandonment campaigns and how to build them using ActiveCampaign


Shopping Cart Abandonment With ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign can be used to create fully automated cart abandonment campaigns. In order to create these campaigns, you’ll need to have site tracking enabled. That’s because the web analytics are required to know the web actions of your customers.

ActiveCampaign has two automation recipes for cart abandonment. This makes it super easy to create the automation campaigns. Everything is all templated out for you, and all that’s required is that you configure the campaign for your company and website.

With this automation, ActiveCampaign looks for whether if the customer gets to the order confirmation screen or not. If the customer goes through the shopping cart process, but doesn’t get to the order confirmation screen, it’s considered an abandonment.

That triggers the automated email workflow to nurture the recipient back to the shopping cart to complete the purchase.

The automation can be added to or tweaked however you see fit.


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