ActiveCampaign Webinar: Creating A Customer Email Support Ticket System

ActiveCampaign Webinar: Creating Support Tickets

ActiveCampaign webinar on using the platform as a support channel. This webinar goes over using several different aspects of ActiveCampaign for customer support. The ActiveCampaign forms can be used for general support-related inquiries. The automations can be used to progress the recipients through the support process, and the deals functionality is a great way to alleviate any tension caused from the issue and to show appreciation for bringing the issue to the company’s attention.


Using The Forms For Support Tickets

The same forms used for opt-in can also be used for support tickets. The webinar goes over how to build a support ticket form using ActiveCampaign. The ActiveCampaign form builder allows you to use a combination of check boxes, text areas and text fields to capture all the data necessary to better handle the support requests. The form is then embedded in the relevant locations on a website.


Using The Deals Functionality To Create A Pipeline

The form is configured so that anyone submitting a support request are added to a pipeline. They’re assigned a specific support ticket number that makes it easy to track. This is done using the Deals functionality within ActiveCampaign.

With deals, marketers can create a task workflow and assign tickets to various support staff. The recipients can be progressed through the pipeline based on the interactions. ActiveCampaign makes it easy to see all the recipients with tickets that currently have open tickets.


Building An Email Support Automation


When the form is filled out, in addition to being added to the pipeline, the recipients are also added into an automated series. The automation syncs with the pipeline and the recipient progresses through the automation series, as they also progress through the pipeline. The recipient receives email based on meeting specific goals from the pipeline.

At the end of the automation series is an email asking the recipient to rate the support they received. This helps collect valuable feedback. It’s also possible to include an incentive (coupon, ect) as a way of saying that you are sorry for any inconvenience and are grateful for bringing it to your attention.



Get Started With ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

Ready to get started with ActiveCampaign? Signup today! ActiveCampaign can be used to fully manage the support ticket process. The email marketing automation functionality can also be used for a wide variety of other types of campaigns as well. ActiveCampaign also offers a free trial period, so you can test-drive the platform, risk-free. Get started with ActiveCampaign email marketing today!

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