ActiveCampaign Webinar: Nurturing Customers into Advocates

ActiveCampaign: Nurturing Customers into Advocates

ActiveCampaign webinar on Brand Advocacy with Meg Curth, Customer Success Manager. The webinar goes over how to turn customers into brand advocates. The webinar goes over the best practices, how to use ActiveCampaign to do brand advocacy and a Q&A at the end.


Word Of Mouth Advertising In Effective

The statistics show that word of mouth advertising influences their purchasing decisions. Customers want to get real thoughts and opinions on products or services before making a purchase. Customers also share their experiences with brands, both online and offline.


Using ActiveCampaign To Build Brand Advocacy

ActiveCampaign can be used to build brand advocacy. Here’s an example of how to use the platform for identifying brand advocates and building brand advocacy campaigns:


Build A Post-Purchase Feedback Form

ActiveCampaign can be used to build a post-purchase feedback form. This form can be used to collect leads as well as valuable product feedback. The feedback form also works as an opt-in form.


Lead Scoring

ActiveCampaign supports lead scoring. Lead scoring can be used to identify potential brand ambassadors. With the lead scoring, if the customer performs certain actions or meets a certain criteria, they’ll receive points.


Brand Ambassador Email Automation Campaign

ActiveCampaign can be used to build an email campaign automation that recipients are added to once they reach a specific score threshold. This automated campaign is only sent to your most loyal customers. This is a way to give them exclusive offers, offer them a refer-a-friend deal or any other type of incentives to keep sharing your brand’s product and services.


Goal For Sharing Offer

Within the automation a goal can be setup for sharing the email campaign via social media. Once the customer shares your offer and the goal is achieved, an action can be triggered. This could be sending them a perk for sharing the content or a wide range of other actions.


Get Started With Email Marketing By ActiveCampaign

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