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ActiveCampaign: Automated Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign is a very robust and powerful email marketing platform. ActiveCampaign supports fully automated drip campaigns and conditional content, the most advanced form of email personalization available. ActiveCampaign also starts out more affordable than most email marketing platforms. Here’s all the details on the platform.


ActiveCampaign Plans and Pricing Information

ActiveCampaign has three different pricing tiers, all which come with different features. Here’s the different plans and pricing information for each:

Subscribers Lite Small Business Pro
500 $9 $49 $149
1,000 $17 $49 $149
2,500 $29 $73 $149
5,00 $45 $113 $225
10,000 $70 $175 $350


List of Plan Features

Features Lite Small Business Enterprise
Unlimited sending Yes Yes Yes
Email marketing Yes Yes Yes
Marketing automation Yes Yes Yes
Chat & email support Yes Yes Yes
Number of users: 3 25 Unlimited
CRM / Sales Automation No Yes Yes
Contact & Lead Scoring No Yes Yes
Custom User Permissions No Yes Yes
Custom Domain No Yes Yes
Custom Branding No Yes Yes
One on One Training No Yes Yes
SMS Marketing No Yes Yes
Up to 25 users No Yes Yes
Custom Mailserver Domain No No Yes
Dedicated Account Rep No No Yes
In-depth Onboarding No No Yes
Free Design Services No No Yes
Free Social Data No No Yes
Phone Support No No Yes
Uptime SLA No No Yes


ActiveCampaign Features

Here’s a list of all the main ActiveCampaign features and descriptions of those features. Keep in mind that some of these features like the CRM and web analytics require a more robust plan than the entry-level one.


Contact and List Management

ActiveCampaign makes it easy to manage list and contacts. In fact, ActiveCampaign comes with some fun features that will even enhance your marketing database. For example, ActiveCampaign can use reverse-ip lookup to determine the area your recipient is from, even if they don’t indicate their location when opting-in.

ActiveCampaign supports unlimited custom fields. This allows you to collect, import and sync with even more data. This data can be used for personalization or segmentation.


Opt-In Forms / List-Building Tools

ActiveCampaign has a form-building that makes it easy to create opt-in forms. In addition to using ActiveCampaign’s form builder, the platform also integrates with many different apps, CRMs and other products that can be used to opt-in recipients as well.

ActiveCampaign Opt-In Form

These forms can be integrated through an embed code, WordPress plugin, Facebook app or you can provide your recipients a link to a page containing the opt-in form.

Small Business and Enterprise customers can also design floating and interstitial opt-in forms. These forms will pop-up of float in a fixed position on the webpages they’re added to.


Campaign Builder / Visual Editor

ActiveCampaign has a very easy to use modularized campaign editor. This makes it incredibly easy to build beautiful email newsletters.

ActiveCampaign Visual Editor

ActiveCampaign gives email marketers a drag and drop interface. Dragging the different type of modules to the email message will add them to that location. There’s modules for text, images, special widgets that function a specific task and HTML blocks that allows for custom coding.


ActiveCampaign Template Library

ActiveCampaign has a large template library for you to choose from. You can also build and save your own templates, or modifications of existing templates. This saves time and effort on future campaigns.

ActiveCampaign Template Library

In addition to building out email campaigns using the template library, you can also build from scratch using the modularized editor, or build custom HTML campaigns or RSS-triggered campaigns.


Marketing Automation / Drip-Campaigns

ActiveCampaign supports highly automated drip campaigns. In addition to drip campaigns, the platform also supports autoresponders and rss-driven campaigns.

ActiveCampaign Drip Campaign Automations

There are tons of actions that can be used to trigger a campaign automation. You can see all the different options listed above. Some of the actions are based on the actions of the recipients, while some are based on how you score leads and manipulate your marketing data.

You can also segment any contacts entering the automation. This is great for making sure only the right recipients enter the automation. Building the automation workflows work with if/then statements and actions. If a specific criteria is met, an action occurs.

ActiveCampaign Drip-Campaign If/Then Statements

The drip-campaign feature can be used to build very simple sequential emails, or highly complex campaigns with tons of if/then statements. With virtually anything able to be used as criteria, the possibilities are nearly endless.


Personalization / Conditional Content / Variable Content

ActiveCampaign has some of the most robust personalization available. ActiveCampaign has something known as “Conditional Content”. This is something often times referred to as “Variable Content”. Basically, what this means is that you’re able to use if/then statements to choose whether certain recipients see different content within the same email newsletter. You can select what the default content is if none of the criteria matches for a pool of recipients.

ActiveCampaign Conditional Content

Conditional content is much more powerful than most forms of personalization. Most personalization is nothing more than a simple mail-merge or variable image. With conditional content, you can display full-on personalized / variable HTML. That allows you for way more robust personalization.

In addition to data in database fields, ActiveCampaign also allows for campaign actions, web-based actions, geographical data and other criteria to be used for building conditional content statements.


List Segmentation

ActiveCampaign features some robust list segmentation. ActiveCampaign allows for unlimited custom fields. This means you can use an almost unlimited set of criteria to segment your lists.

ActiveCampaign List Segmentation

In addition to using database fields to segment list, marketers can use a wide range of other criteria. Lists can be segmented based on actions from previous email campaigns or from web-based actions. List can also be segmented by tags, scores and other CRM related data.


Split Testing Campaigns

Split testing is where you send different versions of an email campaign to a sample of your marketing list. The purpose of split testing is to determine which version performs best, before sending to the remaining recipients.

Split Testing ActiveCampaign Emails

ActiveCampaign allows marketers to split-test more than two versions of the email. You can even adjust the distribution percentage that each version receives.


Sales / CRM Integration

Sales / CRM integration and sales automations is a feature ActiveCampaign offers for the two premium plans. ActiveCampaign integrates with all the popular CRMs and platforms. ActiveCampaign also offers features such as lead scoring based on email and web-based actions.



API / Application Integration

ActiveCampaign has a very strong API and has worked hard to integrate their platform with many different products and services. You can also use the build ActiveCampaign into your own products.

ActiveCampaign Apps and Integrations

ActiveCampaign integrates with leading e-commerce platforms, CRMs, CMS, sales platforms and much, much more. The various integration partners can be used to enhance your marketing efforts in many different ways.


Analytics and Reports

ActiveCampaign offers some robust campaign reporting. The analytics gives you data on all the campaigns you’ve sent out. This contains everything you’d expect from email marketing reports; opens, clicks, shares, forwards, bounces, unsubscribes spam complaints and more.

ActiveCampaign will also allow you to generate and share links to real-time campaign reports. This is great for sharing results within an organization without colleges having to go and login to the platform itself. ActiveCampaign also uses reverse-ip lookup to display geographical data and where your campaigns are being opened.


Get Started With ActiveCampaign Today!

Ready to get started with ActiveCampaign? Get started today! ActiveCampaign has a free 14-day trial. This allows you to test-drive the platform risk-free. ActiveCampaign is a highly automated platform with tons of great features. Prices are also more affordable than most other email marketing platforms.


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