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Aweber Email Marketing

Getting Started With Aweber Email Marketing

Aweber is a very popular and powerful email marketing platform.


Aweber Plans and Pricing Information

Aweber has tiered pricing based on the number of recipients attributed to the account. All platform features are available to all pricing packages. Here are the different tiers and monthly costs.

Subscribers Monthly Cost
0–500 $19
501–2,500 $29
2,501–5,000 $49
5,001–10,000 $69
10,001–25,000 $149


Main Aweber Features

Here are the main Aweber features. All of these features are available to all marketers, regardless of which plan they’re subscribed to.


Subscriber / List Management

Aweber makes it easy to manage your marketing data and subscriber lists. If you’ve already got a marketing list, you’re able to import it into the Aweber platform. If not, creating opt-in forms allows your fans and customers to opt-in to receive email campaigns. Easily manage databases, inlcuding the use of automations of subscribing and unsubscribing recipients between multiple lists.


Easy To Use Visual Email Designer

Aweber offers an easy to use visual email designer. The visual email designer is modularized and uses a drag-and-drop interface. Simply drag the elements to where you want them added to the email newsletter.

Aweber Visual Email Designer

There’s modules for text, photos, multiple media and other advanced functionality. These modules make it easy to add more functionality to the email campaign without the need to code it yourself.


Aweber Email Template Library

Aweber has a large template library to choose from. This includes templates for specific type of campaigns, holiday-specific templates and templates for specific type of businesses.

Aweber Email Template Library

If you don’t find a template that suites your needs, Aweber offers a custom template design service. Aweber will either modify an existing template to suite your needs, or build one from the ground up for you.


Personalize Email Newsletters

Aweber supports personalized data mail merges. Personalization is a great way to make your headlines stand out and makes for more effective marketing. You can use any field from a marketing list for the personalization / variable content.

Aweber Email Personalization

Aweber also makes it incredibly simple to add a personalization field in the email headline. When you’re writing the email headline, a personalization drop down menu is located right there. The drop down menu gives multiple options for easy personalization.


Automated Autoresponder Emails

Aweber has some highly advanced autoresponder campaigns. With autoresponders, you’re able to send date-based trigger emails. This puts your email marketing on autopilot and delivers a highly relevant series of emails.

Aweber Campaign Automation

Aweber has a drag-and-drop campaign builder. You’re able to add multiple emails into the auotmated campaign series and the durations between emails. Recipients can enter an automation by subscribing through a specific opt-in form or when the recipient is tagged with a specific tag.


Aweber Apps and Integrations

Aweber integrates with tons of different products and services. Integrating these platforms with your Aweber account is as simple as clicking a few buttons. These integrations allow marketers to opt-in recipients from new sources, put other elements of marketing on autopilot and much more.

Aweber Apps and Integrations

Apps and integrations include leading CMS, CRM, e-commerce, social media networks and much more. Save time by connecting Aweber with the other platforms you’re already using.


Campaign Analytics and Reporting

Aweber provides full reporting on all email marketing campaign. The reporting dashboard makes it easy to see the campaign effectiveness over a series of time. Aweber gives stats on opens, clicks, bounces and other valuable campaign metrics.

For campaign automations, Aweber will display the open and click rates for each individual email in the series. This allows you to easily see which part of campaign automations are performing well and which ones might be able to use some work.

Aweber also supports web-based analytics. By pasting a code snippet into your website, you’ll be able to see how visitors interact with your website.


Free 1-Month Trial Offer

Aweber offers a free 1-month trial to test out the platform. Take this opportunity to test-drive Aweber and see if it’s the right email marketing platform for you. The free trial does require a credit card on file.


Get Started With Aweber Email Marketing

Ready to get started with Aweber? Start your free trial! Test-drive Aweber risk-free and see if it’s the perfect email marketing platform for you.


How Aweber Compares To The Competition

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