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Getting Started With Campaigner Email Marketing

Campaigner is a powerful and easy to use email marketing platform. With Campaigner, you’re able to manage all your email marketing efforts in-house. See how easy Campaigner is to use, and take it on a free test-drive to test out all the features. Here’s all the details on Campaigner email marketing.


Campaigner Plans and Pricing

Campaigner’s pricing is tiered based on the number of recipients. Here are the different prices and pricing tiers:

Subscribers Price Per Month
0 – 1,000 $19.95
1,001 – 3,500 $29.95
3,501 – 5,000 $49.95
5,001 – 10,000 $79.95
10,001 – 15,000 $99.95
15,001 – 25,000 $149.95
25,001 – 50,000 $299.95


Campaigner Features

Here is a list and descriptions of the main Campaigner features. This isn’t the full list of features. Test-drive Campaigner to see everything the email platform has to offer.


Email List / Contact Management

Campaigner makes list management simple. Easily create lists and add new contacts. On the individual contact page, you’re able to see what campaigns each recipient has received and what segments they’re a part of.


Easy To Use Visual Email Designer

Campaigner gives marketers the option of two different types of email designers. Both these different designers behave very differently and different people might prefer the different options better.

Visual Email Designer

The Smart Email Builder will first prompt you to pick out a layout; 1-column, 2-column or 3-column, and a color scheme. Once a template is selected, the email editor takes the marketers through the different steps of entering the email content.

The Full Email Editor, featured above, behaves more like a word processor. In addition to working within the visual editor, marketers are also able to work with the source code directly. If you’re savvy with HTML this is a great way to fully customize the look and feel of your email campaigns.


Campaigner Template Library

Campaigner gives marketers plenty of different template and themes to work with. Campaigner has two different email builders. Each one comes with its own collection of templates or themes.

Campaigner Template Library

The Smart Email Editor, featured above, is template-driven. Marketers first chose how many columns they want for the newsletter. The marketer than selects a color scheme.

The Full Email Editor is a more traditional about the themes. The Full Email Editor features many different themes including Holiday-related templates and templates for specific industries.


Marketing List Segmentation

Campaigner allows marketers to segment their marketing lists. Segmenting lists increases the relevancy of the campaign, boosting open and interaction rates. This in can help increase your inbox deliverability as well.

Campaigner List Segmentation

Marketers are able to segment lists based on database fields or other criteria. Recipients can also be segmented by opt-in form or interactions from previous campaigns.


Autoresponders Drip-Campaigns

Campaigner offers autoresponders and very basic drip campaigns. Autoresponders are automated date-based emails. Drip campaigns are automated campaign series ran off different triggers or if/then statements.

Campaigner Autoresponders

When built right, automated email series perform better than standard email blasts. This is especially true when the automations are based on specific interests or actions. These campaigns also run on autopilot in the background.


Campaign Analytics and Reporting

Campaign provides full campaign reporting. In addition to getting all the reports on sent campaigns, Campaigner also provides metrics for each mailing list. Campaigner reports on all the metrics you’d expect; opens, clicks, bounces, spam complaints and more. Data can be printed or exported.


Free 30-Day Trial Period

Campaigner offers a free 30-day trial to test out their platform. You will have to provide credit card information in order to test-drive their solution. Give Campaigner a try free and see if it’s the perfect email marketing platform for you.


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  • Harry

    Campaigner is an easy to use email marketing system that really allows us to create clever email and SMS marketing campaigns that build and nurture client relationships, keep me relevant to my audience and build loyalty.