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Constant Contact Email Marketing

Getting Started With Constant Contact Email Marketing

If you’ve researched email marketing, you’ve probably heard of Constant Contact. Constant Contact does the most marketing and has the best name recognition when it comes to email marketing. Constant Contact is a very user-friendly and easy to use platform. Here’s all the details on Constant Contact and getting started using the platform.


Main Constant Contact Features

Here’s a list and breakdown of the main Constant Contact features. Keep in mind, there’s also tons of 3rd party developers that can integrate with Constant Contact to provide increased functionality to the platform and your marketing.


Create and Manage Email Marketing Lists

Constant Contact makes it easy to create and manage lists. You can have multiple email marketing lists, which helps with segregation. Constant Contact also offers multiple tools to help you grow your list. These tools include embeddable opt-in forms, WordPress opt-in plugins, a Facebook app, SMS opt-in and more.


Welcome Email For New Recipients

In addition to offering all the tools to manage and grow your lists, Constant Contact also allows to create your own custom welcome emails. A welcome email is a great way to thank the recipient for signing up for your newsletter. It’s also a great way to tell them more about your organization, products, services or other company information.


Visual Email Builder / Editor

Constant Contact has a very beautifully designed and easy-to-use visual campaign editor.

Constant Contact Visual Campaign Editor

The visual email editor contains different elements that you can drag to drop directly into your email body. This makes it incredibly easy to add completely new sections to your email body. Some of these elements allow you to add multimedia or other content such as polls or social sharing widgets.

The email body editor also has a layout editor. This makes it incredibly simple to change the basic layout of the email you’re building.


Wide Selection Of Email Marketing Templates

Constant Contact has an impressive collection of email marketing templates.

Constant Contact Template Library

This library includes templates for specific events like birthdays or holidays. There’s also templates for various kinds of emails, including newsletters, coupons, announcements and more. The template library can be great inspiration for deciding which kind of campaigns that you want to deploy.


Autoresponder Campaigns: Date-Based Triggered Emails

Constant Contact does offer some date-based email automations. Automations can make for some very effective email marketing campaigns. It allows you to put your email marketing on autopilot and deliver some incredibly relevant campaigns.

Constant Contact Email Automation

You can choose from either birthday emails, anniversary emails or autoresponders based on a specific number of dates after the recipient subscribes.

Although Constant Contact does offer autoresponders, the platform doesn’t offer drip-campaigns, which are much more robust and work using more logics than just dates. Drip-campaigns can use campaign interactions such as opens and clicks, web-based actions and data from the database fields.

More Info: Autoresponder Email Campaigns


Full Campaign Analytics and Reports

Constant Contact provides full reports on all your email marketing efforts. Get data on number of opens, clicks, bounces, subscribes, unsubscribes, spam complaints and more. The analytics offered by Constant Contact helps yoou benchmark your different campaigns and email marketing efforts.


Free 60-Day Trial

Constant Contact provides a free 60-day trial. This allows you to test-drive their platform 100% free. Best of all, you don’t even need a credit card when signing up. Simply provide your basic company information and start your free trial. If you like the platform after the 60 days, you can start subscribing to the services. Otherwise, test-driving the platform is zero liability for you and your company.


Web-Based Versions Of Email Newsletters

Whenever you send a campaign within Constant Contact, a web-based version of the email is also created. This web-based version is very useful. You can share the link via social media, share it on your company blog and more. This also allows you to easily create an email marketing archive, where people can access your older campaigns.


Event Marketing – Collect Event Registrations

Create special event registration emails. When creating an event campaign, Constant Contact will prompt users to enter all the event information. This includes the location of the event, dates, registration deadline, basic event infromation, and so on. The email will prompt recipients to RSVP for the event, and the sender will receive a follow-up email whenever a new recipient RSVPs.



Send Out Email Surveys

Constant Contact also supports survey emails. Creating and sending survey emails is incredibly simple. Constant Contact even offers several survey templates to choose from. ¬†The survey builder very easy to use. You’re able to choose between single choice, multiple choice, rating scales and open-ended text-based answers.


Constant Contact Pricing Information

Constant Contact starts at $20 per month. There’s a 10% discount for 6-month prepaid packages and a 15% discount for 12 month prepaid packages. If you want to access all the features of Constant Contact Plus, the email marketing platform starts at $45 per month. Here’s the pricing breakdown per recipients:

Recipients Basic Plus
<500 $20 $45
501-2,500 $40 $65
2,500-5,000 $60 $85
5,000-10,000 $90 $115


Get Started With Constant Contact Today!

Ready to get started with Constant Contact?¬†Signup today! The signup process is quick and easy and you can get started without a credit card. Constant Contact offers a trial membership. This allows you to test drive the platform 100% free. See how Constant Contact performs and decide whether or not it’s the right email marketing platform for you!


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