Drip: Email Marketing Automation With Forever Free Plan

Drip Email Marketing Automation

Drip: Easy To Use Email Marketing Automation Solution

Drip is a highly automated email marketing platform specializing in drip campaigns / email marketing automation. A drip campaign is an automated email series. Marketers are able to insert splits in the automation using if/then statements. This allows recipients to be sent to different parts of the automation based on data or interactions.

These highly automated drip campaigns are much more effective than regular email blasts. That’s because the automations can be tailored to the information known about the recipient, as well as past campaign interactions. Drip campaigns are designed to nurture recipients through the purchasing process and provide more relevant information in a sequential order, all completely automatically.

Here’s all the information on Drip email marketing.


Drip Plans and Pricing Information

Drip is one of the few email marketing platforms that offers a “Forever Free” plan. That plan is only for the first 100 recipients, however. That’s still better than nothing. Best of all, the free plan offers all the features, except removed branding and the customized training course. Here’s the pricing tiers:

Recipients Price (Billed Annually)
Up to 1,000 Free!
Up to 2,500 $41/mo
Up to 5,000 $83/mo
Up to 7,500 $149/mo
 Up to 10,000 $149/mo
 Up to 15,000  $184/mo


Drip Email Marketing Features

Here are the main Drip email marketing features. To see all the features, we recommend that you test-drive the platform for yourself, risk-free!


On-Ramping Walkthrough Makes Getting Started Easy!

Drip makes it easy to get started with email marketing automation. When you signup for Drip, you’ll be taken through a step-by-step process. This includes setting up the website with tracking and opt-in widgets and building your first automation. The step-by-step guide is very intuitive and makes creating your first widget (with call-to-action) and correlating campaign automation incredibly easy to do.


Robust Email Marketing Automation

Drip specializes in campaign automation. As soon as you start your free account, Drip will guide you through the process of creating your very first automation series.

Drip Campaign Automation Workflow

The visual workflow makes it super easy to build out complex campaigns without getting overwhelmed. Anywhere there’s a plus sign, you’re able to add in a new element into the campaign workflow. You’re able to split the campaign using if/then statements. This allows you to send recipients through different sections of the automation that are specifically tailored to them.


Floating Opt-In Widgets

Drip offers some insanely robust opt-in widgets. These widgets are different from opt-in forms, as they’re not embedded directly into the website. They are fixed widgets that float with the scrolling on the indicated part of the screen. Users are able to click the x to make the opt-in widget go away.

Floating Opt-In Widget

Email marketers are able to customize the headline and description on the widget. Using this, it’s possible to create catching call-to-actions, which get more opt-ins than traditional forms.

These widgets are also fully customizable. You’re able to resize them, choose where on the screen the widgets float, how far down the page the user has to scroll before the widget pops up, and when a user clicks the x on the widget, how many days until Drip displays the widget again for that IP address.

You can also indicate what pages you’d like the specific widget to be displayed on, or not displayed on. This is great for matching up specific call-to-actions for the different type of content you’ve got on the site. This drastically increases the opt-in rate.

Drip supports the traditional HTML embed opt-in forms as well.


Advanced Mailing List Segmentation

When sending a broadcast, Drip gives you plenty of options for segmentation. In addition to using the tag feature, which is highly recommended by the company, you can also segment by a wide range of other criteria. This includes the campaigns they’re subscribed to, database fields, timezone, activity (or inactivity) and much more.


Pruning / Re-Engagement Campaigns

If you have inactive email recipients you’re still mailing to, this can hurt your deliverability! ISPs and email clients look at engagement to better determine who’s spamming and who’s sending quality content. Only sending to active subscribers is the best practice to ensure top placement in the inbox.

Drip gives email marketers two ways to keep their lists healthy and active; pruning and re-engagement campaigns.

Re-Engagement Campaigns – A re-engagement campaign is an automation designed to get the recipient interacting with your brand and email marketing again. If the recipient doesn’t meet the campaign goals, the recipient is then dropped from the database.

Pruning – Drip makes it incredibly easy to remove inactive recipients from the database using the pruning feature. With the pruning feature, marketers can automatically remove all recipients who haven’t interacted with the previous x-number of campaigns. You’re able to use segmentation to keep specific recipients regardless of whether they’ve been interacting with the email marketing campaigns or not.


Get Started With Drip 100% Free!

Ready to get started with Drip Email Marketing? Signup for free! Drip is one of the few email marketing solutions to offer a 100% free plan. Try Drip risk free and put your email marketing on autopilot. Drip is a highly automated email marketing platform with an easy to use workflow. Best of all, Drip will walk you through all the steps to get started with email marketing automation. Get started with Drip today!


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