GetResponse: Building Effective Landing Pages

Video: Building Effective Landing Pages With GetResponse

GetResponse video tutorial and part of the #GRTalks series. This video tutorial is on effective landing pages. Following the landing pages best practices will ensure that your campaigns perform better. Here are the topics covered in this video:

Benefit Oriented Headlines РResearch shows that most visitors leave the landing page within 0-8 seconds. That makes the headline the most important element when persuading your visitors.  Make sure the headline stands out and grabs your visitors attention as soon as they land on the page. Try including either a clear call-to-action or make it highlight the main selling points or benefits of your product.

Relevant and Short Copy – The body copy of the landing page should be clear and relevant. Use the language of your audience and not industry jargon. Be sure to illustrate how the visitors can use your product, service or offer.

Hero Image or Video – About 90% of the data transmitted to the brain is visual. The brain also processes visual much faster than text. Provide images that illustrate your product or offer.

Opt-In Form – Use opt-in forms on your landing pages to collect visitor information. Make sure to use the opt-in form best practices to get the maximum number of signups.

Match The Call-To-Action To Headline – Make sure your call-to-action matches the headline of the landing page. The entire landing page should all follow a general theme, and that theme is to get the traffic to convert.

Social Proof and Testimonials – Consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that contains testimonials or reviews. The same is true for your landing pages. Providing user-generated testimonials will greatly increase your conversion rates.

Responsive (Mobile) Design – Make sure your landing pages contain a responsive design. In some industries, mobile has passed desktop, and your landing pages need to cater to that. Using a responsive design will ensure maximum conversion rates for both desktop and mobile visitors.


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