GetResponse Webinar: Level Up Your Writing With Ann Handley

GetResponse Webinar: Level Up Your Writing With Ann Handley

GetResponse webinar with Ann Handly. Ann discuss best practices for effective creative writing. More-so, how better writing can take marketing automation to the next level. Content is the main part to every marketing effort; whether it’s copy or visual assets. There’s a direct correlation between effective writing and effective marketing. Here’s some best practices for upping your writing game.


Step 1) Prep and Research

The first step of writing isn’t actually reading. It’s brainstorming, researching and gathering ideas for the content. You need to know what you’re going to be writing about, before you actually start writing. Sometimes the content will be clear and obvious. Sometimes it requires some thought and effort.

Tools Used For gathering Ideas:

Moleskine – These notepads are useful for jotting down offline notes.

Pocket – Pocket is useful for saving online pages for later.

Evernote – Evernote is another platform for saving webpages to view later.

Trello – Trello is a task-management tool. It’s great for collecting, sorting and organizing ideas and workflows.

Co-Schedule – Co-Schedule is an editorial calendaring tool developed for bloggers and other content marketers.


Step 2)  The Ugly First Draft

The next step is the ugly first draft. It’s important to not put too much pressure on you when starting to write. It’s okay if there’s a first draft. Sometimes it’s better to also start out just listing ideas on the page. Then you go back later and write the supporting copy on each idea.


Step 3) Screw & Do

The “Screw” is figuring out what the readers want and the “Do” is getting them to interact with the content the way your want them to. The screw is the central point that everything in the content revolves around. Whatever the screw is, give it the center stage and make sure the writing highlights it.

Then consider how you want you audience to think, feel and what you want them to do. This doesn’t have to be a call-to-action, necessarily (although they do make good “Do”‘s) but think about what type of action you want the reader to do next, after interacting with the copy.


Step 4) First Line

The first line is insanely important. It’s the piece of the writing that’s going to set the tone, hook the reader and describe what the writing is going to be about. Having a compelling opening will grab the readers attention, and increase the amount of them that will continue reading through the document.


Step 5) Voice

Voice is incredibly undervalued in content marketing, especially in B2B. Voice sets the tone and the feel of the writing and can greatly impact how the copy is read and understood. Does your company portray a certain image or mood? Does the writing sound passionate or dry and boring? These are questions you should be asking yourself while analyzing the voice of the writing.


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