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GetResponse Email Marketing / Marketing Automation

GetResponse: Digital Marketing Automation Platform

GetResponse is an email marketing and marketing automation platform. Marketing automation takes email marketing to the next level with advanced functionality such as automation, lead scoring and more. In addition to email marketing, GetResponse also supports landing pages for all your campaigns, live webinar streaming and more. Here’s all the details on the GetResponse marketing platform.


GetResponse Plans and Pricing Information

GetResponse comes in four different plans. Each plan has different features. All plans are also tiered based on number of recipients. Here’s the different pricing tiers, their prices and the features.


GetResponse Monthly Plans and Pricing

Max Subscribers Email Pro Max Enterprise
1,000 $15 $49 $165 $799
2,500 $25 $49 $165 $799
5,000 $45 $49 $165 $799
10,000  $65 $75 $165 $799
25,000 $145 $165 $255 $799
50,000 $250 $280 $370 $799
100,000 $450  $490 $580 $799


Overview of Features Included In Plans

Feature Email Pro Max Enterprise
Email Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Pages Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Marketing Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinars No 100 Viewers 500 Viwers Unlimited
Lead Scoring No Yes Yes Yes
Abandoned Cart No Yes Yes Yes
Web Event Tracking No Yes Yes Yes
Automation Segmentation No Yes Yes Yes
Salesforce Integration No No Yes Yes
Dedicated Infrastructure No No No Yes
Dedicated IP Address No No No Yes
Max Mailout Performance No No No Yes
Deliverability Consulting No No No Yes


GetResponse Features

Here’s a list of the main GetResponse features. Keep in mind, that there’s four different plans and each one of them comes with slightly different functionality. Some of the features listed below are not available for the most basic pricing plans.


Email Template Library

GetResponse has a large email template library to choose from. You can sort templates by specific industry vertical and by different subjects such as holiday emails, birthday emails, ect.

GetResponse Template Library

All templates are fully responsive. Selecting your template will take you to the email editor where it can be further edited.


Visual / Modularized Email Editor

The modularized email editor is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The drag-and-drop interface enables you to quickly add different elements to the email body. These individual modules can be edited. Creating and changing different rows is also easy.

GetResponse Email Marketing

All email templates are responsive design. That means they’re optimized for mobile devices. A mobile preview is also displayed to the right of the designer.

You’re able to save custom “snippets”. If there’s something that you are constantly adding to the email newsletter, this is a time saver. Simply drag and drop the saved snippet to quickly add it to the newsletter.

The editor also contains a revision history. This makes it incredibly fast and easy to restore a previous version of the campaign.


Email / Subject Line Personalization

With GetResponse, email personalization is easy. Any data contains in the marketing list can be used to personalize email campaigns. GetResponse also has a handy tool to easy add variable content in the email headline as well.

GetResponse Email Personalization

GetResponse also supports fallback data. This means that if there’s no data contained in the field, a default value will be displayed instead. This makes sure there’s no glitchy looking copy due to incomplete or missing data.


Automation: Autoresponders and Drip Campaigns

GetResponse supports some very robust autoresponders as well as highly automated drip campaigns. For entry-level email marketing platforms, these automations are truly top-tier and rivals some of the larger marketing automation suites.

GetResponse Email Campaign Automation

The autoresponders are date / action-based emails. GetResponse’s autoresponders go above and beyond, as you’re able to use actions as triggers instead of just dates. Most email marketing platforms only allow for date-based autoresponders.

The drip campaign automations are truly impressive. Using a drag-and-drop workflow designer, you’re able to use if/then statements and flowcharts to build out these highly complex series of campaigns.


Custom Landing Pages

GetResponse supports customized landing pages to use with your campaigns. These landing pages can be used for email campaigns or any other kind of campaigns you deploy, with or without using GetResponse.

GetResponse Landing Pages

The landing page designer is incredibly easy to use. There’s many different pre-built landing page templates to choose from, or you can design your own. Landing pages can be hosted on the GetResponse domains, or you can configure your own domain so that they’re hosted on a subdomain of your own website.


Host Live Webinars

GetResponse enables marketers to easily host their very own webinars. The webinar functionality also ties into the landing pages and email marketing suite. This makes it easy to build landing pages to opt-into viewing the webinar, sending announcement emails and follow-up reminder emails to everyone who’s registered for the event. You can also automatically send follow-up emails after the webinar is completed.

Hosting Webinars With GetResponse

The webinar feature in GetResponse makes it incredibly easy to launch your webinar. When you’re ready to go live, the entire broadcast happens directly through GetResponse. GetResponse even handles the slideshows or screen-captures.


Analytics and Campaign Reporting

GetResponse supports full reporting on all the campaigns. This includes your email marketing campaigns, landing pages, webinars and more. Get all the metrics you’d expect to receive; opens, clicks, bounces, subscribes and unsubscribes. Also see where your subscribers are located globally and setup custom conversion goals from within the dashboard.

GetResponse Analytics and Campaign Reporting

GetResponse also enables marketers to setup automatic report sharing. Indicate how many days after a campaign the report should be sent, who the report should be sent to and what the report should contain. This makes it easy to share the campaign results with other members of an organization without them having to log into GetResponse.


Free 30-Day Trial

Test-drive GetResponse for yourself and check out all of their features. GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial offer, and no credit card information is needed to get started. See how GetResponse performs for yourself and see if it’s the right email marketing / marketing automation platform for your business.


Get Started With GetResponse Marketing Automation

Get started with marketing automation. Signup for GetResponse today! GetResponse has a free 30-day trial, meaning you can test-drive their powerful platform absolutely free. Go beyond email marketing with automated workflows, landing pages, lead scoring, webinars and more. Try GetResponse risk-free and see if it’s the right email marketing solution for you.


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