Before you can send out any campaigns, you need recipients to send those emails too! If you’ve already got a customer list, that’s great. You’re off to a perfect start. You’ll still need to implement ways of getting new email leads to market to. Here’s how to build up your email marketing list.


Add Email Opt-In Forms To Websites Or Blogs

The single best way to collect email leads is by adding opt-in forms to your website. This form allows people to enter their email addresses and other information directly from your site. They are then added to your email marketing platform and can be included in future campaigns. Every email marketing platform will offer and embeddable opt-in form. Adding it to your website is as simple as pasting a code snippet wherever you want the opt-in form to appear.


Opt-In Email Recipients Through Social Media

Social media can be a great tool for opting-in email recipients. Some email solutions will even offer direct social media integration, such as adding anĀ Email Newsletter tab to your Facebook page. Most email platforms will allow for web versions of social media campaigns to be shared directly through your social media handles. This enables an easy way for your social media following to view the web-based version and to opt-in to future newsletters.


Pull Email Addresses From Customer Lists

If you’ve got a current customer list, you’ve most likely got their email addresses too. This is a great start for a marketing list. If you can get this data in excel, .csv or a similar format, you can easily import it into most email marketing platforms. Be aware though, some solutions might make you verify that you legitimately collected these email addresses, and didn’t purchase them or scrape them off the internet. That is a major concern for all email solution providers.


QR Codes And Responsive Signup Forms

If you’ve got printed collateral, QR Codes can be a great way to drive email opt-ins. QR Codes are digital codes that people can scan with smartphones. Once scanned, the phone will bring up the website (or other information) contained within the code. It’s possible to make the QR Code pull up a responsive (mobile optimized) email signup form. Make sure to make the form simple, and to not require too much information, as it’s harder to fill out forms on mobile devices.