Most Affordable Email Marketing Automation Solutions

iContact Automated Drip Campaigns

Best Value Entry-Level Email Marketing Automation Marketing automation is becoming big. The ability to build out automated marketing workflows allows for elaborate and well thought out campaigns to run on autopilot. When done correctly, these type of campaigns are highly effective. Marketing automation suites used to come with an insanely high sticker price. We’re talkingRead More

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing / Marketing Automation


ActiveCampaign: Automated Email Marketing ActiveCampaign is a very robust and powerful email marketing platform. ActiveCampaign supports fully automated drip campaigns and conditional content, the most advanced form of email personalization available. ActiveCampaign also starts out more affordable than most email marketing platforms. Here’s all the details on the platform.   ActiveCampaign Plans and Pricing InformationRead More

ActiveCampaign: Cart Abandonment Campaigns


ActiveCampaign: Cart Abandonment Campaigns ActiveCampaign webinar on shopping cart abandonment campaigns by Rick Birenbaum, Customer Success Manager at ActiveCampaign. The webinar goes over cart abandonment campaigns. Cart abandonment campaigns are very important for ecommerce companies. Here are the best practices for cart abandonment campaigns and how to build them using ActiveCampaign   Shopping Cart AbandonmentRead More

ActiveCampaign Webinar: Creating A Customer Email Support Ticket System


ActiveCampaign Webinar: Creating Support Tickets ActiveCampaign webinar on using the platform as a support channel. This webinar goes over using several different aspects of ActiveCampaign for customer support. The ActiveCampaign forms can be used for general support-related inquiries. The automations can be used to progress the recipients through the support process, and the deals functionality isRead More

ActiveCampaign Webinar: Post-Purchase Email Automations


ActiveCampaign Webinar: Post-Purchase Email Automations ActiveCampaign webinar on post-purchase email series. Post-purchase emails are all the emails sent immediately following a purchase. These emails could be resource in nature, explaining how to best use the products or services purchased. They could be used to up-sell additional products, or could simply be asking for feedback andRead More