ActiveCampaign Webinar: Post-Purchase Email Automations

ActiveCampaign Webinar: Post-Purchase Email Automations

ActiveCampaign webinar on post-purchase email series. Post-purchase emails are all the emails sent immediately following a purchase. These emails could be resource in nature, explaining how to best use the products or services purchased. They could be used to up-sell additional products, or could simply be asking for feedback and reviews.

The webinar goes over the best practices for post-purchase email series and case-studies a couple examples.


Building Automated Post-Purchase Series With ActiveCampaign

The webinar goes over how to build a simple post-purchase automation using ActiveCampaign. The particular post-purchase example used was a feedback series. The email asking for the product review is insanely simple for the user. There’s a text area and submit button contained directly in the message.

The automation forks based on on whether or not the recipient submits a review or not. When a review is submitted, the recipient is tagged with Ambassador and the marketing department is notified. There’s a follow-up Thanks for your review email with a special 10% offer.

The Ambassador tag is used to segment the mailing list with those that are more likely to share and interact with your brand. This can be used to send out exclusive campaigns to those particular recipients


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