Optimizing The Landing / Redirect Pages After Recipients Opt-In

Optimizing The Page Recipients Hit After Subscribing Keep in mind that all email marketing platforms behave differently. Because of that, this article might not be applicable to all email marketers. For example; some HTML / iframe embeds don’t redirect users after they fill out the form. For email marketers using those platforms, nothing in thisRead More

Why I Would Not Recommend Buying Email Marketing Lists

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Email Marketing Lists One thing I’ve learned working in direct marketing is that purchased data will never perform as well as data collected in-house. Many data corps will disagree with me on this, because it’s their job to do so. Not the case. Doesn’t matter if it’s direct mail data, emailRead More

GetResponse: Building Effective Landing Pages


Video: Building Effective Landing Pages With GetResponse GetResponse video tutorial and part of the #GRTalks series. This video tutorial is on effective landing pages. Following the landing pages best practices will ensure that your campaigns perform better. Here are the topics covered in this video: Benefit Oriented Headlines – Research shows that most visitors leaveRead More


Email Marketing “Autoresponder Campaigns” Explained

GetResponse Autoresponders

Getting Started With Autoresponder Email Campaigns Autoresponders are automated triggered email campaigns. Most of the autoresponders available are simple date-based emails. The more advanced email autoresponders allow you to use other data or events as triggers. Autoresponders are a great way to automate a portion of your email marketing, and when done correctly, these typeRead More


Testing and Improving Email Marketing Campaigns

The best way to improve your email marketing efforts is to benchmark your campaigns and figuring out what works best. Most email marketing solutions will give you tools to help you improve your campaign. These tools range from giving your campaign analytics, to split-testing your campaigns. Here’s some things to consider when benchmarking email marketing campaigns.Read More

Picking Out The Right Email Marketing Platform

There’s a lot of things to consider when choosing the right email marketing platform. All the different services offer different features and functionality. No two platforms are the same, even if they all share similarities. Here’s some things to consider when choosing an email marketing platform.   Features and Functionality In my opinion, the functionalityRead More