Why Use Email Marketing Automation?

Drip Campaign Automation Workflow

Why You Should Be Using Marketing Automation

There’s tons of reasons to invest in an email marketing automation platform. For one; you can get started for as little as $10 per month. That’s less expensive than most entry-level platforms that don’t allow for marketing automation. Needless to say, marketing automation is also way more robust than a standard email marketing platform. Here’s all the reasons to invest into email marketing automation.


Drip-Campaigns Perform Better Than Email Blasts

If built properly, Automated drip campaigns will perform better than any standard email blast. That is because the automated workflow was built to cater directly to anyone entering that automation. This adds increased relevancy. If you’re using if/then statements to fork the automations based on certain actions. Combine with the robust personalization that most marketing automation suites offer, and it’s a winning combination.


Campaign Automations Are “Evergreen Campaigns”

Drip campaigns can also be setup as “Evergreen Campaigns”. Evergreen refers to something that never gets stale and dated. Of course some of the content of the actual emails themselves might have to be changed up occasionally, but the automated workflows can remain the same.

This means that you built the automation workflow once, and it’s good forever. Depending on the email copy themselves, those messages might not have to be updated very frequently, or at all.  This creates a solid and turnkey piece of marketing infrastructure that will keep working in the background.

This is opposed to normal email blasts. With an email blast, you’ve got to curate the message, segment the lists, proof the campaign and do everything else involved in launching an email campaign.


Marketing Automation Is Insanely Affordable

As mentioned above, there’s email marketing automation suites that start at only $10 monthly. That is actually cheaper than a good chunk of email marketing suites that don’t allow for automated campaign workflows. That means that you could have a more robust email marketing platform at a lower price. With this reasoning, why wouldn’t you go the marketing automation route?

Even if you don’t initially start using automated workflows, it’s great to have that option on the table for the future. Especially since you’re not paying extra for the ability to build these campaigns.


Marketing Automation Has More Robust Segmentation (Tags)

When done properly, the tagging functionality can be used for incredibly robust segmentation. Especially since the campaign workflows can be built to auto-tag (or remove tags) based on specific criteria. Not only does this save time from not having to manually append data to the marketing list, but it also helps ensure the integrity of the data by eliminating error due to manual entry. Many marketing automation suites also allow for web-based goals and triggers to add/remove tags within the email platform. Being tagged with a specific thing can also be used as a trigger to begin an automated campaign.


Get Started With Email Marketing Automation

If you’re sold on email marketing automation, here are the recommended entry-level email marketing automation suites. Getting started with any of these platforms is quick and easy. Simply enter the company information and contact details to start your free trial. All the different platforms also contain comprehensive resource sections that will help with learning how to use the platform.


GetResponse: Automated Email, Webinars and Landing Pages

GetResponse is a very impressive email marketing suite. GetResponse starts at $15 monthly and that plan includes everything you need to build fully automated workflows. The campaign builder and email designers are insanely sleek and intuitive. In addition to creating fully automated drip-campaigns, GetResponse is also highly personalizable.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’ll love the other GetResponse features. GetResponse has a webinar functionality that makes it insanely easy to host your own webinars. Best of all, the webinar feature integrates with the other features. You’re able to generate a landing page to signup for the webinar. Completely the form starts an email campaign automation starting with the confirmation email, containing reminder emails and finishing with a post-webinar follow-up.

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ActiveCampaign – Personalized / Automated Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign is another solid email marketing choice. ActiveCampaign starts at only $17 per month and that basic plan includes all the email marketing automation features. ActiveCampaign gives you tons of options when building out the automated campaign workflows. In addition to the if/then statements, campaign forks and other marketing automation features, ActiveCampaign also has some tools to help the sales team.

For example; when a recipient has reached a specific goal in the automation, you can trigger an automated call or text to specific individuals. This is great for notifying sales of a hot lead so they can follow-up accordingly.

ActiveCampaign also has a solid API and tons of integration partners. This means that you can sync the platform with your CRM, other marketing platforms, accounting platforms and many other products and services.

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Drip: Email Marketing Specializing In Drip Campaigns

Drip is an email marketing platform built for campaign automation. Drip is not a newbie platform. It’s suggested that you know HTML and Liquid (another markup language) in order to get the most out of Drip. The email designer is not the best (thus the suggested markup language) but Drip is powerful.

Drip will prompt you to make your first drip campaign the second you signup for the platform. Drip will also prompt you to install a code snippet onto your website for web-based campaign tracking and for optimal use of the opt-in widgets. In order to get the most out of Drip, you’ll be using web-based triggers and forms to start even more campaign automation.

Those opt-in forms is what’s really impressive about Drip. Instead of using traditional embedded forms, Drip specializes in widgets and interstitials. Not only does this free up sidebar space (or wherever you keep the form) but these beautiful widgets are highly clickable. The main idea is to pair up specific widgets to specific content and use a relevant call-to-action to opt recipients into an automation tailored to the content / CTA.

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