Best Entry-Level Email Marketing Platforms For B2B Companies

Best Email Marketing Solution For B2B Marketers If you’re a B2B marketer, you understand that B2B marketing is way different than B2C. You also know that a conversion usually means more than a single high-dollar sale. That means a new client with reoccuring sales. You’re also nurturing entire businesses as

Why Use Email Marketing Automation?

Drip Campaign Automation Workflow

Why You Should Be Using Marketing Automation There’s tons of reasons to invest in an email marketing automation platform. For one; you can get started for as little as $10 per month. That’s less expensive than most entry-level platforms that don’t allow for marketing automation. Needless to say, marketing automation is also

Best ActiveCampaign Alternatives


My Recommended ActiveCampaign Alternatives ActiveCampaign is a solid email marketing platform. I’ve personally implemented a whitelabeled version on behalf of the family’s print shop, used it on my own projects as well as client projects. ActiveCampaign has an impressively competitive entry-level pricing, robust automation, personalization and many more features. But

Optimizing The Landing / Redirect Pages After Recipients Opt-In

Optimizing The Page Recipients Hit After Subscribing Keep in mind that all email marketing platforms behave differently. Because of that, this article might not be applicable to all email marketers. For example; some HTML / iframe embeds don’t redirect users after they fill out the form. For email marketers using

Constant Contact Doesn’t Offer Drip Campaigns

Constant Contact Email Marketing

Constant Contact Doesn’t Support Marketing Automation Constant Contact is an entry-level email marketing platform. Constant Contact has many of the features you’d expect to see in an entry-level email marketing platform. You’re able to manage and segment your lists, use the modulized email campaign builder and get detailed stats on the

Best Constant Contact Alternatives

Constant Contact Email Marketing

Top Alternatives For Constant Contact If you’ve researched getting started with email marketing, you’ve probably came across Constant Contact. Constant Contact has some of the best name recognition. Unfortunately, they’re not nearly the best platform though. They’re just really, really good at promoting their brand. Here’s some reasons why you might

Why I Would Not Recommend Buying Email Marketing Lists

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Email Marketing Lists One thing I’ve learned working in direct marketing is that purchased data will never perform as well as data collected in-house. Many data corps will disagree with me on this, because it’s their job to do so. Not the case. Doesn’t matter if

GetResponse: Building Re-Targetting / Re-Engagement Campaigns


GetResponse: Building Re-Targetting Email Marketing Campaigns Email marketing video tutorial by GetResponse as part of their GRTalks series. This video tutorial goes over re-engagement campaigns and how to build them using GetResponse. Re-engagement campaigns are special campaigns designed to target the customers that haven’t been purchasing or interacting with your campaigns.